Molecular Motors Builds

Molecular Motors  is a private company that builds classic restomod and custom cars.  come by and check out our builds.

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Custom Cars

Molecular Motors builds all kinds of custom automobiles,  from classic looking restomods, to rat rods, hot rods, modern muscle performance cars and race cars.

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Fabrication and restoration

Molecular Motors is a  classic and antique restorations and customization shop.

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Molecular Motors

Modern performance and fuel injection.   We love modern performance engines.  Computer tuning of fuel injection is a passion.  We also love taking classic cars  (hopefully not all original number matching because that is not something we will turn into a restomod) and putting in all modern performance, from engine and transmissions, to air conditioning, power windows, brakes and steering all the way to taking a modern chassis and converting it to look like a classic.

Modern muscle cars?   we are proving winners


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