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The angry bird 68 Pontiac FIrebird

The first-generation 1968 Pontiac Firebird, nearly identical to its sibling the Chevy Camaro, had changed little from its 1967 debut. After its short debut year in circulation, the ’68 Firebird continued to revel in its success. The ’68 had few visual and mechanical changes from the ’67 models. Pontiac beefed up the rear suspension with new multi-leaf springs to handle more horsepower, and also dropped the vent windows from the doors for a sleeker look.  The Molecular motors Pontiac Red Angry Bird has a high compression 11.7:1 LS3 engine with a radical cam.  Molecular Motors wanted to see if we could get a supercharger working with these savage factors in the motor so we stuck a 2.9L edelbrock supercharger with a underdrive pulley creating a modest 12lbs of boost.  We upgraded the fuel system to a Aeromotive fuel cell with Eliminator pump and boost ready fuel regulator.  This is pushing power through a 4l85e transmission and back to a moser musclepak rearend with 4.11 gearing.   We added long tube headers to the package, the interior is well sorted with Scat Racing Seats, G-Force Racing Harnesses, Dakota Digital VHX Gauges, Vintage Air, Flaming River Steering Column, Power Rack and Pinion Steering, D-Wheel Steering Wheel, B&M Hammer Shifter and more Wheels/Suspension/Brakes:  Front and Rear Disk Brakes, Complete Hotchkis Suspension, Weld Wheels, Hoosier Slicks and Front Runners for the track and Michelin super sports for the street.   This Red Angry Bird grumbles a bit in the low RPMs squatting nicely and as the boost kicks in and the AFR gets down to the 10s she literally squats a little and flys.  The 88 mph 3-4 gear shift will literally break the supersport tires loose and put a pucker in your brown eye and a bit of yellow stain on your tightie whities.  With exhaust running through some 3-inch pipes and jones exhaust racing mufflers she has a gentle rumble at idle that lures in the unsuspecting 2016 Z06 and when she unleashes the violence puts that poor vette at the rear fender within a few seconds.


DRK KNGT caddy

Dark Knight Cadillac CTS-V

This 2009 Cadillac CTS-V is a beastly warrior. It currently serves as Molecular Motors’ personal chariot and test mobile. This car is going on her fourth incarnation. First, we did one of our basic HP packages and took her up with cam, headers, intake and tune. She became very fun. Then, we took her to the next level with heads, supercharger upgrades, porting of every orifice, methanol injection, racing suspension, carbon fiber interior and exterior trim, racing harness and more. Now, we enter into our next version of the car. A complete engine swap to a LSX 6-bolt shortblock with trick flow racing heads and ported supercharger off of a ZL1 camaro with overdriven pulleys on the crank and underdriven pulleys on the snout.  Also a modest 250 shot of nitrous with a backup of methanol injection to help with maintaining timing and enrichment and a Cyto2 cooler for both fuel and intercooler. Upgraded the supercharger heat exchange, upgraded return fuel system capable of up to 2000 HP, ID1300 injectors, and so much more. This car makes puts out around 1000 HP without the bottle, runs in the low 10s on the 1/4 mile, yet is mild mannered when you want her to be. The epitome of our modern muscle systems.

1968 Mustang

a Molecular motors take on a classic mustang

 Mustang for Ella

When the chief found out they were naming their new daughter Ella and we just happened to be building a Mustang Molecular Motors style Mustang.    Go figure!  This thing is rooted in power from the ground up.  full protouring suspension,  mustang II power suspension in front and 4 link flex in the rear.. An aerodynamic package.. along with rear diffusers and wing (all out of real carbon fiber) give her a high speed downforce that you just know drives like a dream supercar.   A 700hp motor with a ton of low end torque, a 4 speed automatic box, and top of the line limited slip on the rear transfer power of massive amounts in a smooth reproducible fashion.  SO tight to the road with the standard skinnies up front and street drag radials on the rear you would think she would not corner .. but with the downforce she actually does..  Add some actual track wheels and tires and it is simply amazing that this thing can do a track day  (just pick a track with some good straights and you can make them M3s weep).  the interior is plus for a pro touring with AC and heat by VIntage air and dakota digital guages, a good retrosound sound system with lots of speakers all around.   A total dream car by Molecular motors.
The Molecular Motors Zombie Apocalypse Collection. Rusted out and barely running, we started from the ground up by replacing her shoes with Weld wheels and Hoosier street legal drag radials and front runners. Opted for a 9” Moser rear end with 4-link suspension and the frame was integrated with subframe connectors and a matrix crossmember setup to keep everything rigid. In order to make room in the engine compartment, the front strut towers were removed and now she houses a big cubic inch small block V8. With a 4 speed 1000HP capable automatic transmission and a 3200 stall torque converter, this small block with more than 450 cubic inches is able to churn out 700HP to the modified rear end. The addition of a mustang II front-end with rack n pinion power steering allow her to corner like she’s on rails, and front Wilwood power brakes add the stop power needed to reign in the “go-baby-go” monster under the hood. You’ll notice the custom cold air intake sticks out into the custom front-end,  Mustang with billet grille and a carbon fiber  hood. Adding a bit of insult but necessary down-force to the muscle girl, a carbon fiber rear wing was added as well as carbon fiber rear diffusers creating almost 500lbs+ of push down as her speed increases.  A custom wide body rear end increasing her posterior 3.4 inches was added to allow for more meat at the rear.. A necessary modification to put that 700bhp to the ground. Finally, adding a new flat military green with red accents to the zombie fleet makes this hot beast stand out in a crowd.   In full restomod fashion, the interior has full digital sound system, backseat delete, roll cage, leather sports seats, digital gauges, Air conditioning and a B&M shifter that just makes you want to slam her into the next gear!

1960 COrvette Restomod

Ground up modern with 1960 Corvette style

1960 Corvette named Kylie

This 1960 Chevrolet Corvette is a full and unbelievable retro mod. It came to us with damaged quarters, a rusted frame, and a 1980’s drive train. Molecular Motors decided to go all out with renovations – custom fabricated chassis with 4-wheel independent suspension, LS3 525 motor mated to a T56 Magnum 6-speed manual, Dana 60 with 373 gears, modern halogen halo lights, lots of fun LED, custom VHX guages, and much more. Everything under this 1960 cover is modern and full of potential. Check out some of our videos of this car running around.  540 HP Engine, T56 Magnum 6-Speed Manual Transmission Dana 60 Rear end Independent suspension, fully build tube chassis, LED Hood Accent Lights, Modern Wipers, New Fuel Tank,  Custom Fabricated Chassis, 4-Wheel Independent Suspension, Bilsteen Shocks, Fast Intake, Long Tube Headers, Dana 60 With 373 Gears. Complete Sound System, LED Accent Lights, Custom VHX gauges, Vintage Air A/C System

Hilda the Carbon Fiber princess

This is the Molecular Motors CLS55 AMG Mercedes 620hp of carbon fiber delight

Molecular Motors CLS55 AMG Mercedes Carbon Fiber creation

Brabus Rocket Front Bumper, Custom Carbon Fiber Vertical Side Air Vents (First Ever on CLS), Custom Carbon Fiber Rocket Front Lip (First Ever on CLS), Custom Carbon Fiber 3 Slat Grill (One Off), Custom Brabus Rocket Vented Hood , Custom Brabus Rocket Hood Grills, Custom Carbon Fiber Weather Ducts (First Ever on CLS), Brabus Rocket Side Skirts w/ LED Puddle Lights, Custom Carbon Fiber B Pillars (First Ever on CLS), Custom Carbon Fiber Roof (First Ever on CLS) (Vacuum), Custom Carbon Fiber Mirrors (First Ever on CLS), Custom Carbon Fiber CLS55 AMG Diffuser, Custom Rear Diffuser Puddle Lights, AMG Rear Deck Lid Spoiler
EvoSport Evolution 1 Power Package: EvoSport Fully Dampened Overdrive Crankshaft Pulley Version 2, EvoSport Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Under Drive Pulley Kit , EvoSport Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Water Pump Pulley, EvoSport Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Alternator Pulley, EvoSport Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Power Steering Pulley, Powerchip/EvoSport Custom-Tuned Evolution 1 Software, Speed Limiter Removed, Rev Limit Increased, EvoSport Evolution 2 Power Package: EvoSport “Shorty” Performance Headers w/ 2100°F Thermobaric Ceramic Coating, EvoSport 8mm Spark Plug Wires, Powerchip/EvoSport Custom-Tuned Evolution 2 Software, EvoSport Kompressor Cooling Package: Secondary Heat Exchanger That Increases Total System Capacity by 65%, Heavy Duty Water Pump with 600% Increase in Flow, External Overflow Reservoir, EvoSport Phenolic Spacer Kit, Kevlar Hoses and AN Fittings , K&N High Flow Air Filters x 2, EvoSport 80mm Throttle Body Upgrade: AMG 80mm Throttle Body, AMG 80mm Supercharger Inlet , AMG 80mm Y Pipe, AMG Throttle Body Gaskets / Supercharger Gaskets, Powerchip/EvoSport Custom Tune for 80mm Throttle Body
HRE 890R 21″ Wheels (Powder coated Gloss Black w/ Chrome Lips), 21″X9.5″ Fronts on Falken FK452 255/30/21, 21″X10.5″ Rears on Falken FK452 295/25/21, Brembo 405mm 6 Piston Front Big Brake Kit (Yellow) (First Set Ever on CLS), Brembo 380mm 4 Piston Rear Big Brake Kit (Yellow) (First Set Ever on CLS), Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Front), Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Rear), Custom Lowering Links, Custom STAR Diagnostic Lowering Program
Custom Carbon Fiber Door Caps/ Finishers (First Ever on CLS), Brabus Brushed Aluminum Pedal Set , Brabus Chrome Door Pins, Custom CF Interior Trim , Custom Carbon Fiber Dash, Custom Carbon Fiber Dash Panels,, Custom Carbon Fiber Shifter Gate, Custom Carbon Fiber Rear Slide Accordions, Custom CF Front Seat Back (First Ever on CLS), Custom Double Diamond Stitched Front Seats (Alcantara), Custom Double Diamond Stitched Rear Seats (Alcantara), Custom Double Diamond Stitched Front Seat Magazine Pockets (Alcantara), Custom Double Diamond Stitched Door Panels (Alcantara), Custom Double Diamond Stitched Door Pockets (Alcantara), Alcantara Wrapped A, B, and C Pillars, Alcantara Wrapped Rear Deck, Alcantara Headliner, Alcantara Shift Boot w/Stitching, Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series Steering Wheel w/ Aluminum Paddle Shifters
In-Car Entertainment:
(2) Image Dynamics IDQ Subwoofers 12″, Image Dynamics Component Speakers , Image Dynamics Tweeters, Image Dynamics Coaxial, (2) Zapco Digital Amplifiers, Custom Mounted Zapco Digital Processor (Motorized), Varad LED lighting / light panels, MPI-400 Power Inverter , Custom Carbon Fiber Amp Enclosure, Color Matched Painted Fiberglass Enclosures, Custom Carbon Fiber Trunk Trim / Trunk Closer, Napa Leather Wrapped/ Stitched Trunk Panels, Alcantara Wrapped Trunk Panels, (2) Savv 7″ Headrest Monitors w/ wireless headphones , (3) 10″ LCD Monitors in the Trunk lid, Custom Installed Nintendo Wii, Custom Fiberglass Work in the Trunk and Trunk lid, Carbon Fiber and Double Diamond Suede Ported Subwoofer Box, Frosted Glass Port w/ LED Illumination, Full Dynamat lining in the Trunk, Savv Reverse Camera, Custom Carbon Fiber Camera Enclosure, Custom Double Diamond Stitched Wii Controller Case, DVD Player, Nav TV Modified Head Unit / Video in Motion, iPod / iPhone Integration

50 Mercury Archangel

This is the restomod prostreet Archangel 50 mercury by Molecular Motors

Molecular Motors 50 mercury Archangel

When building this car we wanted power of extreme proportions, cool street driving capabilities, comfortable but safe interior, and the look of the 50 gangster.   This build has a LSX B15 block with trick flow high flow heads, upgraded springs to handle the stage 4 blower cam, 2.2 liter blower with underdriven supercharger and overdriven crank, AC heat, power steering and brakes, complete tube chassis, narrowed rear end, with big fat street tires, 4-link suspension with ford 9 inch and 3.83 gears,  4l80e transmission with 3200 stall converter, fully guaged with Dakota digital primaries, massive sound system, fuel cell with in tank DOminator fuel pump, boost regulated.  The archangel puts down 800hp,  we wont say she is a corner car but she can go around the bends without fear.  A raw grumble and powerful presence makes sure you have everyone turning there head..  you do not see these things driving around but this car can be a daily driver and can hit the drag strip with a resounding 10 second capability.  LED lighting everywhere and the Molecular Motors Archangel details all around.  What a machine!

55 Chevy truck 4x4 JUSTICE

This is the restomod functional Chevy truck 4x4 conversion with Modern everything

Molecular Motors 55 series 2 chevy 4x4

When building this truck we wanted a functional 4x4 that had the classic series 2 chevy truck look.  With a 6 inch lift, lockers front and rear with limited slip, LS3 500hp motor, 4l70e transmission, custom build NP205 transfer case, everything new with dakota digital guages, AC heat, power steering and power brakes, functional drivability at highway speeds, This truck is a one of a kind beast that can cruise the street or handle offroad with equal ease.  More than enough torque and power with a drivetrain built to handle that monster motor.  Molecular Motors put the nuts to this build and it just works.

55 Chevy truck restomod Hot Rod

This is the restomod Chevy truck classic looks with all modern mechanics

Molecular Motors 55 series 1 chevy truck Hot Rod

This truck is a wonder of modern horsepower and luxury.  Looks like a classic chevy truck but underneath the hood is an LS3 540hp engine, 102mm throttle body, high rise intake, power brakes, power steering, modern air conditioning and heating, Dakota digital guages.  The power is put through a 3200 stall torque converter and 4l85e transmission back to a 4-link ford 9 inch rear end with 3:83 gears.  power rack n pinion steering, mustang II front independent suspension, sway bar.  plush leather interior with brushed metal accents, sport seats, 3-point seat belts, custom hidden audio sound system with underseat speakers, relocated fuel tank with in-tank pump, return fuel system, and excellent white wall tires.   SUch a classy looking truck with so much power and great handling..  Add to this all the comforts of modern automobiles and you have virtually a new truck that looks like a classic.   This build cam together so clean and sweet and everyone you meet when driving this cowgirl wants to get to know her.

67 Black Ops prostreet Camaro

This is the restomod Chevy Camaro that is track ready but street legal

Molecular Motors 67 Camaro BLack Ops

We found a rusted old retired drag car, 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and felt bad that such a glorious old girl had been left to deteriorate. Here we introduce the zombie apocolypse response 1967 Chevy Camaro Pro Street. This car is a massive thrill to drive on the streets, it is so gentle and easy to control then it opens up and with pump gas it munches deep and heavily on that dragstrip asphault. At over 860 HP at the wheels, without the nitrous, she lifts her front wheels half an inch off the ground before being controlled by the wheelie bars. Fully legal with registration and inspection this old girl turns heads everywhere now. We have people chase us down to get a better look at her. And with the light weight body we have created, we also expect to see 10-second quarters or better. This Black Ops Camaro will be beast for the streets, with a mild rumble at idle and a throttle bark that will set off car alarms everywhere you take her.
LSX 376 Crate Engine, LSA Super Charger, Overdrive Balancer, Underdriving Supercharger Pulley, 6L90E Transmission Exterior:
Fiberglass Hood and Front Clip, 10 Point Roll Cage, Spectre Performance Rear Wing, Back Halved Body Frame, Dana 60 Narrowed Rearend, Flat Black Rat Rod Satin Paint Finish, “Murdered Out” Chrome Interior: Restored Rusted Floor Boards and Door Jams, VHX Dakota Digital Gauges, Procar Racing Seats, “Murdered Out” Aluminum Works  Wheels/Brakes/Suspension:  453 Gears 4-Link With Wheelie Bar, Weld Racing Wheels, Big Meat Mickey Thompson Sportsman Tires R/S 31X16R15 and Matching Front Runners, Long Tube Headerss, Nascar Exhaust Tips