The Texas Mile 2020

It has been a long expensive journey to get the Cadillac ready for the Texas Mile..  We are now less than 5 weeks away and I just discovered problems and now we have to pull the entire drive train back out.   Among several other major issues we just found, the wrong dipstick was used (shorter than the correct one by an inch) and a system that should have around 6.4 quarts had 10 quarts added to it  and was run that way blowing the rear main.   Oh so many other issues also (WOW).   God intervened, removed the handicap we had.  We still have time to get the car ready and now God has given us a fighting chance.

(I admit I had become so used to this handicap that at first I was sad it was removed.. but now thank GOD,  your will and grace have saved us again.    I was so used to ignoring and making excuses for all the mistakes I was blind.  thank you God for opening my eyes).